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Table 2 Level of exhaled carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide in ambient air level

From: Exhaled carbon monoxide: a non-invasive biomarker of short-term exposure to outdoor air pollution

Variables Mean Standard deviation p
Baseline exhCO (ppm) 13.4 7.6  
exhCO at the end of the working day (ppm) 18.5 9.5 0.004
2 last hours ambCOa 5.6 4.4  
4 last hours ambCOa 5.7 4.5 0.01
6 last hours ambCOa 6.3 4.7  
ambCO 6.6 3.8  
  1. ambCO ambient carbon monoxide, exhCO exhaled carbon monoxide
  2. aMean values of ambCO before the measurement of exhCO at the end of the working day (in ppm)