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Table 1 FCTC articles addressing scientific and technical cooperation and communication of information

From: Network analysis of global tobacco control collaboration: data from the World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH)

FCTC Article Description
20 Under Article 20, Parties undertake to develop and promote national research and to coordinate research programmes internationally, as well as to establish and strengthen surveillance for tobacco control and to promote exchange of information in relevant fields.
21 Parties are required, under Article 21, to submit to the COP, through the Convention Secretariat, periodic reports on implementation of the Convention. The COP determines the frequency and format of such reports. In 2010, COP4 adopted a decision to introduce a biennial reporting cycle that began in 2012.
22 Article 22 requires Parties to cooperate directly or through competent international bodies to strengthen their capacity for implementing obligations arising from the Convention.