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Table 2 The Williams family (Family 6)

From: Context matters! sources of variability in weekend physical activity among families: a repeated measures study

The Williams family were of a higher SES than the study average (IMD 9.5 - quantile 2). They live in a cul-de-sac located in an affluent suburban neighbourhood with access to a self-contained garden. The family comprises a mother, father, and two children (Olivia, aged 7 and Harry, aged 9). Both parents are healthy weight, degree educated, and in part and full-time employment, respectively. Family-based PA appeared to be a key part of family life. The Williams family amassed their MVPA levels through a combination of organised sport and structured PA. All made regular use of their health club membership. The majority of Mrs. William’s PA took place at the health club and comprised a mixture of gym and group-based exercise. Mr. Williams was also very active (Fig. 3b). On almost all weekends he used the gym at the health club, cycled with friends and coached his local football team. The Williams children recorded high MVPA levels across weekends (Fig. 2a and b). Organised club sport formed the basis of Harry’s and Olivia’s weekend PA. On all but one weekend (weekend 3) Harry played football for his local team and Olivia played Tennis at the health club. The Williams children reported single occurrences of ice skating, swimming, golf, and trampolining, and participated in walking and cycling as a family but on a less regular basis. Despite the Williams children living in a cul-de-sac they reported few experiences of neighbourhood outdoor play. Instead, they used the family garden regularly for active play with friends. Harry’s and Olivia’s PA levels were stable across weekends (Fig. 2a and b) and so were their parents’ (Fig. 3a and b).