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Table 1 Exposure to intimate partner violence presented as past year frequency (n) and percentage (%) of the total population. N = 573 women

From: Prevalence of intimate partner violence and its association with symptoms of depression; a cross-sectional study based on a female population sample in Sweden

Intimate partner violence Exposure during past 12 months
% n
Controlling behavior   
 Tried to restrict time spent with my family and friends 4.9 28
 Wanted to know where I went and who I spoke to when not together 17.6 101
 Tried to restrict my activities outside the relationship 6.4 37
 Felt suspicious and jealous of me 12.6 72
 Tried to control my activities 6.6 38
Exposed to ≥ 1 item of controlling behavior 25.0 143
Physical violence
 Pushed or shoved me 6.6 38
 Thrown something that could have hurt me 1.6 9
 Hit me with the fist or with some other object 1.2 7
 Kicked and dragged me and beaten me up 0.5 3
 Choked or burnt me on purpose 0.5 3
 Hurt me with a knife, a gun or some other weapon 0.2 1
Exposed to ≥ 1 item of physical violence scale 7.5 43
Sexual violence
 Demanded to have sex with me even though I did not want to 2.4 14
 Forced me to have sex against my will by using physical strength 0.3 2
 Forced me to perform sexual acts that I experienced as degrading and/ or humiliating 0.3 2
Exposed to ≥ 1 item of sexual violence scale 2.8 16