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Table 5 Data collection schedule: component 4 (randomized trial)

From: Farm Fresh Foods for Healthy Kids (F3HK): An innovative community supported agriculture intervention to prevent childhood obesity in low-income families and strengthen local agricultural economies

Assessments Baseline Fall Spring
Informed consent form X   
Physical measurements
 Anthropometric measures (child) X X  
 Dermal carotenoid measures (caregiver and child) X X  
Dietary recalls (child) X X  
Online questionnaire modules
 Brief dietary measures (caregiver and child) X X X
 Fruit and vegetable knowledge attitudes, and beliefs (caregiver) X X  
 Ability to select, store, and prepare CSA produce (caregiver) X X  
 Ability to substitute fruit and vegetables for energy-dense foods (caregiver) X X  
 Ability to prepare foods to minimize added (solid) fat and sugar (caregiver) X X  
 Fruit and vegetable availability and accessibility within the home (household) X X  
 Food security (household) X X X
 Nutrition assistance and education participation (household) X X X
 Physical activity and sedentary behavior measures (child) X X X
 General health status (caregiver and child) X X X
 Costs associated with food purchasing and preparation (household) X X X
 Costs associated with CO-CSA participation (household)   X a  
 Kitchen inventory (household) X   
 Household composition and demographics X X X
 CSA participation (outside of/in addition to the research study; household) X X X
  Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Process evaluation
 Program evaluation
  Dose delivered X X X
  Dose received X X  
  Fidelity X X  
  Experiences X X  
 Program cost X   
 Non-participation X   
  1. aSubset of participants