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Table 3 Survey questions and descriptive statistics

From: Erratum to: Highlighting consensus among medical scientists increases public support for vaccines: evidence from a randomized experiment

Sample Mean (S.D.)
Survey questions  
Perceived scientific agreement  
To the best of your knowledge, what % of medical scientists agree that vaccines are safe? (0% - 100%). 88.57 (10.14)
Autism-vaccine link  
To what extent do you agree with the following statement; “there is scientific evidence for a causal link between vaccines and autism” (1 = Completely Disagree – 7 = Completely Agree). 2.34 (1.71)
Risk perception/concern  
How concerned are you about the potential risk of vaccines? (1 = I am not concerned at all, 7 = I am very concerned). 3.05 (1.88)
Public support index (strongly disagree =1, strongly agree =7). 6.09 (1.32)
I believe that vaccines are a safe and reliable way to avoid the spread of otherwise preventable diseases (M = 6.29, SD = 1.20).  
I have already vaccinated my children or would do so if I had children (M = 6.29, SD = 1.52).  
I would support policies that require people to vaccinate their children (M = 5.73, SD = 1.78).  
I believe that the health benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk of any potential negative side effects (M = 6.16, SD = 1.38).  
I believe that vaccines are important in maintaining and improving public health (M = 6.31, SD = 1.25).  
In the interest of public health, parents should simply be required to vaccinate their children (M = 5.76, SD = 1.70).  
More people ought to vaccinate themselves and their children (M = 6.21, SD = 1.48).  
I believe that vaccine refusal poses a risk to public health (M = 6.0, SD = 1.62).