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Table 1 Composition of the EVIDENT diet index

From: The EVIDENT diet quality index is associated with cardiovascular risk and arterial stiffness in adults

Positive food groups
 Never or almost never 0 points Low-fat dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese) Boiled or roasted potatoes
 1–3 times per month 1 point Poultry Fruits
 Once per week 2 points Rabbit Fresh fruit juice
 2–4 times per week 3 points Fish Beans, lentils, chickpeas
 5–6 times per week 4 points Dark-yellow vegetables Whole-grain bread, rice, cereal or pasta
 Once per day 5 points Green leafy vegetables Olive oil
 2–3 times per day 6 points Cruciferous vegetables Green or black tea
 4–6 times per day 7 points Other vegetables Red wine
 More than six times per day 8 points Gazpachoa Beer
Negative food groups
 Never or almost never 8 points Whole-fat dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese) Sweet breads
 1–3 times per month 7 points Ice cream Desserts
 Once per week 6 points Red meat Added sweets
 2–4 times per week 5 points Processed meat Pre-cooked meals
 5–6 times per week 4 points Pizza Sauce (ketchup, mayonnaise)
 Once per day 3 points Fried potatoes Honey
 2–3 times per day 2 points Salty snack foods Jam
 4–6 times per day 1 point Added fats and oils Soda
More than six times per day 0 points Butter Bottled juices
Neutral food groups
  Semi-skimmed milk Whole grain biscuits
Eggs Chocolate
Jamón Serranob Diet soda
Refined-grain bread, rice, cereal or pasta Other alcohol
  1. aCold vegetable soup
  2. bType of top-quality Parma ham