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Table 6 Results of Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis

From: Knowledge and attitudes about vitamin D, and behaviors related to vitamin D in adults with and without coronary heart disease in Saudi Arabia

  Adjusted ORa (95% CI) P-value
Model 1: Knowledge about vitamin D
 High knowledge levels 1.00 (referent)  
 Low knowledge levels 1.82 (1.08–3.06) 0.024
Model 2: Attitudes toward vitamin D
 Good attitude 1.00 (referent)  
 unfavorable attitude 0.96 (0.58–1.59) 0.899
Model 3: Vitamin D related behaviors
Sun exposure and using of sun protection
  High score 1.00 (referent)  
  Low score 1.54 (0.87–2.71) 0.132
Intake of vitamin supplements
  High intake 1.00 (referent)  
  Low intake 4.35 (2.12–8.92) <.000
Consumption of food rich in vitamin D
  High intake 1.00 (referent)  
  Low intake 0.87 (0.53–1.4) 0.612
  1. aMultivariate Logistic Regression model after adjustment for age, gender, and CHD