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Table 1 Key aspects of faith-based messages targeting screening behavior

From: Views of Somali women and men on the use of faith-based messages promoting breast and cervical cancer screening for Somali women: a focus-group study

Faith-Based Topic Key Messages
Predestination • Screening does not bypass predestination
• Seeking good health is consistent with faith
• Treatment is also predestined and is there to be taken
• Screening is an opportunity to be taken
The role of modesty • Modesty of the heart is as important as of the body
• It is preferred to see a doctor of the same gender
• It is acceptable to see a doctor of the opposite gender
• It is more important to seek a doctor who has knowledge and confidence in the health need at hand, than a doctor of the same gender.
• In an emergency situation, it is important to first consider how to protect life, the concept of modesty remains but is secondary to protection of life.
Cancer screening and treatment • Prevention of disease is a faithful and religious thing to do
• Religion encourages care of the body along with the mind
• Prevention is better than cure
• Allah has entrusted you to care well for your life and body