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Table 2 Themes, sub-themes and corresponding level of SEM

From: Needles, Jabs and Jags: a qualitative exploration of barriers and facilitators to child and adult immunisation uptake among Gypsies, Travellers and Roma

Theme Sub-theme Level of SEM
Vaccine knowledge Levels of knowledge Intra-personal
Sources of information and advice Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Institutional, Community
Acceptance of immunisation Reasons for acceptance of immunisation Intra-personal, Policy
Reasons for concerns about immunisation Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Community
Beliefs about specific vaccines Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Community
Inter-generational change in beliefs about immunisation Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Institutional, Community
Decision-making about immunisation Intra-personal, Inter-persona
Socio-cultural factors Language and literacy Inter-personal, Institutional, Community
Discrimination Institutional
Housing Institutional
Attendance at school Intra-personal, Institutional, Community
Travelling Institutional, Community
Accessible health services Relationships with health professionals Institutional
Recall and reminders Institutional
Attending appointments Institutional
National strategies Payment and incentives Policy