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Table 1 Coding framework for thematic analysis based on organisational influences on the implementation of school—based programmes

From: School-based vaccination programmes: a systematic review of the evidence on organisation and delivery in high income countries

Theme code Organisational factors Theme explanation
A National and regional policy Directly related policy, e.g. the aims/target group for the vaccination programme
Indirectly related policy, e.g. education policy, health service policy
B Programme management and leadership Leadership and management of the programme at local, area and national levels
C Organisational models and institutional relationships Models of programme organisation and inter-organisational communication and collaboration
D Infrastructure Facilities and systems for the programme, e.g. systems for vaccine distribution and supply, data systems for vaccination records
E Workforce: capacity and activity Staff capacity, workload, skill, experience and roles
F Programme financing Resourcing, billing and reimbursement, sustainability
G Communication with parents and students Practical issues, e.g. distribution of consent forms and obtaining consent
Conceptual issues, e.g. tailoring messages, involving children and adolescents
H Clinic organisation and delivery Logistics on the day, physical configuration of clinics