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Table 3 Data-driven codes derived from sources quoted for inductive qualitative analysis

From: How does the media portray drinking water security in Indigenous communities in Canada? An analysis of Canadian newspaper coverage from 2000-2015

Major issues discussed Example of source(s) quoted Salient article examples
Environmental Non-Indigenous Politician Title: Life on some reserves ‘unacceptable’, minister says.
Example: The living conditions on some Ontario first nation reserves, where contaminated land has forced several communities to close their local schools, are "offensive" and "unacceptable," Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister Michael Bryant said yesterday.
Source: The Globe and Mail Nov 16, 2007.
Financial Elected Indigenous person (elected) Title: Ottawa to give reserves $600-million.
Example: Mr. [Ken Young] said the two most pressing concerns he would like to see addressed tomorrow is money for housing and health care for First Nations - Ken Young Vice-Chief of Assembly of First Nations.
Source: National Post Feb 17, 2003.
Health outcomes Indigenous person (non-elected) Title: Indian reserves face threat from contaminated water.
Example: "Our children and our elders have suffered frequent illness including a recent outbreak of gastroenteritis," Chief Wilfred Wesley of Cat Lake Reserve.
Source: Toronto Star April 16, 2003.
Infrastructure or training Academic Title: Dirty water.
Example: "The boil water advisory is being used as an alternative to [water] treatment" Steve Hrudey of University of Alberta.
Source: National Post Apr 9, 2008.