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Table 1 The parameters and description for lymphatic filariasis model

From: Mathematical analysis of a lymphatic filariasis model with quarantine and treatment

Parameter Description
Λ h Recruitment rate of human population
Λ v Recruitment rate of mosquito population
μ h Natural death rate of human population
μ v Natural death rate of mosquito population
β Biting rate of the mosquito to humans
𝜗 h Success rate of transmission of infective filariform larvae from mosquitoes to humans
𝜗 v Success rate of microfilariae transmission from infected-acute and infected-chronic
  humans to susceptible mosquitoes
θ Accounts for reduced number of adult microfilariae in humans due to treatment and
  quarantine of the infected chronic individuals
α h Progression rate of latent individuals to infected-acute individuals
α v Progression rate from exposed mosquitoes to infected mosquitoes
κ Symptomatic rate of infected-acute individuals progressed to infected-chronic individuals
n Number of screened infected-acute individuals by health personnel
φ Treatment/prevention chemotherapy rate of the infected-acute individuals