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Table 1 Enrolled clinic characteristics

From: Notifiable condition reporting practices: implications for public health agency participation in a health information exchange

Clinic Location Provider Type: Number Service # patients/month Mode: Lab Orders Mode: CDR → PHA
1 Urban MD:9; NP:4 Primary Care 1000 electronic fax
2 Urban MD:140; NP:5 Primary Care 6700 electronic fax out of EMR
3 Urban MD:8 Teen Clinic 1000 electronic fax
4 Urban MD:37; NP:1; PA:2 Adult Medicine 2860 electronic fax/mail
5 Urban MD:10; NP:1 Primary Care 2600 electronic mail
6 Urban MD:9 Women’s Health 1000 paper, fax fax
7 Rural MD:2 Primary Care 1200 paper fax
  1. MD Medical Doctor, NP Nurse Practitioner, PA Physician’s Assistant, CDR Communicable Disease Reporting, PHA Public Health Agency