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Table 1 Overview of PROMIS Program components supported by HKI in Mali and Burkina Faso

From: The impact of integrated prevention and treatment on child malnutrition and health: the PROMIS project, a randomized control trial in Burkina Faso and Mali

  Mali Burkina Faso
Control Intervention Control Intervention
PROMIS main delivery platform:
 - Monthly village gathering organized by CHV for children 6–23.9 months of age and their caregivers X X   
 - Monthly WBC at HC for children 0–23.9 months of age and their caregiver    X X
PROMIS main integrated packagea (received through PROMIS delivery platform):
 - Screening and referral for AM X X X X
 - Nutrition, hygiene and health BCC in a large group    X X
 - Enhanced BCC on ENA/EHA in a small caregiver groups (organized by child age) X X   X
 - SQ-LNS distribution and SQ-LNS related BCC   X   X
Other PROMIS activities (through various delivery platforms):
 - Capacity building supporting CMAM X X X X
 - Support to quarterly screening and referral campaigns    X X
 - Radio programs on ENA/EHA topics X X X X
 - Community theatre performance on ENA/EHA topics    X X
 - Village nutrition committeeb    X X
  1. aThe main integrated package corresponds to a group of services provided at the same time to the same beneficiaries, some as part of the national policy, others in addition to the national policy
  2. bIn each village, a village nutrition committee comprising 6 influential community members is set up to support BCC and for follow-up of relevant children