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Table 1 Comparison of Characteristics Used to Randomly Assign Six Towns To Three Groups, July 2012

From: Effects of integrated chronic care models on hypertension outcomes and spending: a multi-town clustered randomized trial in China

  Intervention Group 1 Intervention Group 2 Control Group
  Apengjiang Jinxi Zhoushui Shihui Fengjia Shijia
Number of residents 28,000 15,600 27,055 22,448 27,464 14,126
Annual average income per capita (CNY) 6452 5417 6487 5452 6900 5031
Distance to county (minutes) 50 90 30 60 25 100
Medical facility revenue (CNY10K) 265 169 279 198 311 159
  1. Notes: These basic characteristics were surveyed in July 2012 and used to randomly assign towns to the three groups. We first divided the six towns equally into two clusters: one cluster of three towns with a smaller population, lower socioeconomic development levels, poorer hospital quality, and further distance away from the county center (Jinxi, Shihui, and Shijia); and the other cluster with contrasting characteristics. In each cluster, we randomly assigned three towns to Groups 1, 2 and the control group, respectively