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Table 2 Sentiments highlighting the empowering nature of the project on community-based field workers from individual interviews and focus groups

From: Perceptions of community-based field workers on the effect of a longitudinal biomedical research project on their sustainable livelihoods

Category of empowerment Comment
Human capital ‘I did not know about malnutrition and now I have gained some knowledge about it.’
‘I learnt how to measure the height and weight of children.’
Financial capital ‘I received income. I used it for my personal upkeep.’
Social capital ‘I have made a lot of friends. We now treat each other as relatives.’
‘The project taught me to socialize with different people.’
Physical capital ‘I built an 8- room house.’
‘I was able to extend my house and buy furniture, stove, fridge and television set.’
Personal assets ‘My passion for nursing has been enhanced.’
‘I have grown up in the way of talking and in my personal growth.’