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Table 3 Multivariate models of effects of intervention and process measures on HPV vaccination outcomes

From: Pragmatic trial of an intervention to increase human papillomavirus vaccination in safety-net clinics

  Receipt of HPV vaccine dose at initial visit Completion of 3 doses at 12-month follow up
  Adjusted RRb (95% CI)c Adjusted RRb (95% CI)c
Intervention (usual care-reference) 0.86 (0.61-1.21) 0.48 (0.25-0.92)
Patient education materials provideda 1.13 (0.76-1.68) 0.93 (0.49-1.78)
Provider recommended vaccine 4.08 (2.17-7.66) 1.44 (0.68-3.05)
Mother’s educational level 0.92 (0.78-1.08) 0.82 (0.61-1.09)
Child’s age 1.07 (1.02-1.12) 1.19 (1.09-1.30)
  1. aPatient Education Materials included the intervention video and/or card in the intervention arm, or any printed materials about HPV vaccine in the usual care arm
  2. b RR relative risk adjusted for other variables in the model
  3. c CI confidence interval