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Table 6 AGREE-II domains, scores, areas for improvement, and responses/actions taken

From: Formulation of evidence-based messages to promote the use of physical activity to prevent and manage Alzheimer’s disease

Domain Score Areas for improvement in the report Response/Action
1. Scope and Purpose 18/21 • Include specific outcomes of interest and setting to the clinical question
• Additional details about the target population would have increased the rating (e.g., specific age ranges, specifying stage and/or severity of the disease)
• These details were added
• These details cannot be provided given the limited research base
2. Stakeholder Involvement 19/21 None  
3. Rigour of Development 47/56 • Provide further details on the search for evidence (e.g., time periods searched, outcomes of interest, etc.)
• Eligibility criteria for studies not explicitly stated/listed
• Provide an explicit linking/identification of the key evidence underpinning the consensus statement
• Additional details have been added
• An explicit statement has been added
• Space restrictions preclude statement-by-statement links to the evidence; however it’s now noted that the evidence in Tables 3 and 4 has been used to guide the consensus statement
4. Clarity of Presentation 18/21 • The inclusion of a section or an appendix with the final consensus statement would make the statement more easily identifiable in the report • A table/box was added to highlight the final statement
5. Applicability 21/28 • No explicit comments were included in the report concerning potential resource implications of applying the recommendations, nor was a formal assessment undertaken/reported • Notes from the panel’s discussion of resource implications have been added
6. Editorial Independence 8/14 • An explicit statement regarding the funder was not included, nor was an explicit statement to indicate the views or interests of the funding body did not influence the final consensus statement • An explicit statement has been added