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Table 1 Women’s life stages of reproduction

From: Delaying first birth: an analysis of household survey data from rural Southern Tanzania

Women’s life stages of reproduction Sexually active (married and unmarried) women aged 13–49 who at the time of the interview: N % (95% CI)
(N = 2128)
Delayers of first birth (“delayers”) • Were nulliparous (including women who reported previous pregnancy but no live birth), not currently pregnant, and their preference was to delay their first birth for at least two years or more 83 4 (3–5)
Spacers of subsequent pregnancies (“spacers”) • Had started child bearing (including current pregnant women) and desired to wait at least for two years or more before having another child 790 37 (35–40)
Limiters of future birth (“limiters”) • Had reached their desired family size (including current pregnant women) and did not desire any subsequent children 409 19 (17–21)
Desire child soon • Have started childbearing, had at least one child and at the time of interview wanted a child within two years 675 32 (30–34)
• Have never had a child and at the time of interview they were not pregnant and wanted child within two years 108 5 (4–6)
Infecund • Self-reported that cannot get pregnant or married for the past five years and never been pregnant, never used contraceptives, currently not pregnant and currently not using contraceptives 63 3 (2–4)