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Table 1 Results of the needs assessment and translation into action plan

From: The effect of an organizational level participatory intervention in secondary vocational education on work-related health outcomes: results of a controlled trial

  Main content of advisory report delivered by facilitator Main content of action plana constructed by management team
School A (i) professionalize the teams; The director, assisted by an HM consultant, translated the recommendations into an action plan with three goals, six changes and a set of quick wins.
(ii) professionalize the management; Goals: i) unambiguous management control; ii) competence and professionalism in the teams, and iii) adequate facilities
(iii) improve the administrative support and facilities. Changes: (i) compliance to the workload policy, (ii) structured performance reviews; (iii) a continuous dialogue on the organization of the educational programs; (iv) a leading team activities plan; (v) weekly work meetings; and (vi) personalized competence development plans.
Quick wins: create adequate facilities by creating a staff room at both locations; place extra walls in some classrooms; place beamers in all class rooms; improve the service by the facilitation services office.
School B (i) create adequate and effective management control by installing a management team that is approachable, coaching, and leading; The directors of the management team decided to integrate the facilitator’s recommendations in the annual agreements (i.e. a management contract) she made with the Executive Board, instead of writing a separate action plan. A coach was attracted to support teams in a previously initiated change towards becoming self-managing.
(ii) make teams the central executive units by developing a team program; Goals were formulated in four headlines: i) strategy; ii) education; iii) personnel; iv) organization; and v) business operations.
(iii) eliminate cumbersome administrative procedures. The most important change per headline was: i) alliances with partners in the region are closed; ii) the curriculum of two educations are reconstructed into units of learning; iii) performance review policies are implemented; iv) teams function as self-managing units; and v) a multi-annual housing plan is developed.
No quick wins were formulated.
  1. aAction plan was termed ‘Management Contract’ in school B