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Table 1 Screening and measurement sessions schedule

From: HealtheSteps™ Study Protocol: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial promoting active living and healthy lifestyles in at-risk Canadian adults delivered in primary care and community-based clinics

Measurement Screening Baseline 6-month 12-month (Intervention Group only) 18-month (Intervention Group only)
Screening & Eligibility Measures
Participant Self-Reports at Screening X     
Pre-Randomization ID # X     
Letter of Information & Consent Form X    X  
PAR-Q X     
Health Care Provider Clearance Form X     
Eligibility Form X     
Group Allocation   Xa    
Participant ID#   Xa    
Baseline Health Information
Demographics & Health Related Information   X    
Clinical Measures
Age X Xb    
Height X Xb Xb Xb Xb
Weight X Xb X X X
Body Mass Index X Xb X X X
Waist Circumference   X X X X
Blood Pressure   X X X X
Self-Reported Physical Activity
Average Steps/day (Step Count Outcome Tracking Form)   X X X X
International Physical Activity Questionnaire   X X X X
Self-Reported Eating
Modified DINE   X X X X
Starting the Conversation   X X X X
Health-Related Quality of Life
EQ-5D-3 L   X X X X
  1. aOccurs at Randomization & Allocation Session
  2. bUse number recorded at Screening Session