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Table 1 Relative effectiveness of recruitment strategies according to cost (per participant) and enrolment yields

From: Recruitment strategies in a prospective longitudinal family study on parents with obesity and their toddlers

  Lower costa Higher costa
Upper thirdb Community-focused strategies: ▪Posters Kindergarten: ▪Phone contacts
Middle thirdb Media: ▪Internet
Lower thirdb Media: ▪Newspapers, Radio Community-focused strategies:
Health professionals
Community-focused strategies:
▪Advertisement on public transport ▪Face-to-face recruitment at public festivals, at clinic, city center/shopping center
Kindergarten: ▪Email contacts
  1. aMedian cost of €23.33 divides the strategies into lower and higher cost portions based on whether the estimated cost was below/equal or above the median
  2. bRanking of relative effectiveness is divided into upper (3.80–5.70% enrolled families), middle (1.90–3.79% enrolled families), and lower (<1.89 enrolled families) thirds. ▪/•Subcategories are named if there were differences in cost and relative effectiveness in a main strategy