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Table 1 Timeline of key events in relation to interview schedule

From: The impact of a vaccine scare on parental views, trust and information needs: a qualitative study in Sydney, Australia

Date Context Interview timing
Mar 2010 Initial reports of febrile
convulsions following receipt of seasonal influenza vaccine
23 Apr 2010 Influenza vaccine suspended for children under 5 years of age  
   June 2010
2 July 2010 Therapeutic Goods Administration (regulator) initial report released July 2010
30 July 2010 Use of non-bioCSL vaccines resumed  
24 Sept 2010 Therapeutic Goods Administration (regulator) updated report released  
8 Oct 2010 Therapeutic Goods Administration (regulator) overview report released October 2010
   November 2010
25 May 2011 Final investigation findings released (day after last interview concluded) May 2011