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Table 3 Description of case–control studies included in the systematic review for the asbestos-smoking interaction

From: Absence of multiplicative interactions between occupational lung carcinogens and tobacco smoking: a systematic review involving asbestos, crystalline silica and diesel engine exhaust emissions

Author (Year) Study design Geographic area Subjects identification Asbestos   Smoking NOS
Case Control Data collection Exposure Identification Non exposed Exposed Data collection Non Smoker Smoker  
Martischnig (1977) [29] Hospital-based United Kingdom Hospital Hospital Questionnaire Expert No occupational history Occupational history Questionnaire 0-14 C/D >14 C/D 7
Blot (1978) [30] Hospital-based Coastal Georgia (USA) -Hospital
-Death certificate
Hospital Interview Auto-declaration Not shipbuilder Shipbuilder Interview <10 C/D ≥10 C/D 6
Jöckel (1998) [31] Hospital-based Germany Hospital Register -Questionnaire
Matrix Never Exposed >5280 h -Questionnaire
Never and < 27.1 P.Y ≥27.1 P.Y 7
Gustavsson (2002) [35] Population-based Sweden Register Register Self-reported questionnaire Industrial hygienist Never ≥1.0 f-years Self-reported questionnaire Never Current 7
Carel (2007) [32] Hospital-based Europe Hospital -Hospital
Questionnaire Expert Never Exposed > 1 Y Questionnaire Never Ever 8
De Matteis (2012) [6] Population-based Italy Hospital Population databases Questionnaire Matrix Never Ever Questionnaire Never -Former
Villeneuve (2012) [33] Population-based Canada Register General population Self-reported questionnaire Industrial hygienist Never Medium or high Self-reported questionnaire <10 P.Y ≥10 P.Y 7
Lacourt (2015) [34] Pooled Montreal (Canada) Hospital Population (electoral lists) Questionnaire -Chemist
-Industrial hygienist
Never Ever Questionnaire Never-low Medium-heavy 7
  1. NOS the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment Scale, S current smokers, Y years, C/D cigarettes per day, P.Y Pack.Year