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Table 1 Description of cohort studies included in the systematic review for the asbestos-smoking interaction

From: Absence of multiplicative interactions between occupational lung carcinogens and tobacco smoking: a systematic review involving asbestos, crystalline silica and diesel engine exhaust emissions

Author (Year) Study design Geographic area Industry type Fiber type Outcome identification Asbestos Smoking NOS
Data collection Exposure Identification Non exposed Exposed Data collection Non Smoker Smoker
Berry (1985) [24] Prospective East London (UK) Asbestos factory Undetermined Register Employment record Expert Light and moderate Severe Questionnaire Never Ever 6
Liddell (2002) [26] Prospective Quebec (Canada) Mining and Milling Chrysotile Death certificate Employment record Measures <30 mpcf.y ≥30 mpcf.y Questionnaire Never Ever 7
Reid (2006) [23] Prospective Wittenoom (Australia) Mining and Milling Crocidolite Register -Questionnaire
-Employment record
Measures Low High Questionnaire Never and former >20 Y Current and former <20 Y 8
Frost (2011) [25] Prospective Great Britain Different types Undetermined Register Questionnaire Expert <10 Y ≥30 Y Questionnaire Never Current 8
Wang (2012) [22] Prospective Qinghai (China) Mining and Milling Chrysotile Death certificate Employment record Measures Non miners and millers Miners and millers Interview Never Ever 6
Wang (2012) [28] Prospective China Asbestos factory Chrysotile Death certificate -Employment record
Measures Electronics factory Asbestos cohort Questionnaire Never Ever 7
Offermans (2014) [27] Case-cohort Netherlands Undetermined Undetermined Register Questionnaire Matrix Never Ever Questionnaire Never Current 7
  1. NOS the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment Scale, S current smokers, mpcf.y million particles per cubic foot x years, Y years