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Table 2 The methods and measures of data collection at baseline and 6, 12, and 24 months of age

From: A 3-Arm randomised controlled trial of Communicating Healthy Beginnings Advice by Telephone (CHAT) to mothers with infants to prevent childhood obesity

Phase Phase 1 Study Phase 2 Study
Time Baseline 6 months 12 months 24 months
Methods CATI CATI CATI Face-to-face interview
Main Domains/Measures
 Family demographics X    
 Mother’s knowledge and intention regarding breastfeeding X    
 Mother’s dietary behaviours X   X X
 Mother’s physical activity and screen time Xa   X X
 Mother’s height and weight Xa   X X
 Breastfeeding   X X X
 Introduction of solids   X   
 Tummy timeb   X   
 Infant feeding practices   X X  
 Parent-child interaction   X X  
 Child’s eating habits    X X
 Child’s physical activity and screen time    X X
 Child’s sleep patterns    X X
 Child’s length and weight   X X X
  1. a before pregnancy
  2. b a colloquial term used to encourage parents to ensure that their babies spend time in the prone position
  3. CATI computer assisted telephone interviewing