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Table 1 Percent of schools with ‘surrounding area’ items in Delhi, India

From: An evaluation of outdoor school environments to promote physical activity in Delhi, India

‘Surrounding area’ items Percent (number) of schools
Space for parents to stop and drop off or pick up children 87.5 (14)
Somewhere where parents can park their cars 87.5 (14)
School bus stop 62.5 (10)
Cycle lanes separated from road 6.3 (1)
Cycle lane on the road 12.5 (2)
Pavement on both sides of the road 12.5 (2)
Pavement on one side of the road only 6.3 (1)
Marked pedestrian crossing 6.3 (1)
Traffic calming 25.0 (4)
Signage: school warning signs for road users 0.0 (0)
Signage: road safety signs 0.0 (0)
Signage: route signs for cyclists 0.0 (0)