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Fig. 1

From: Effects of a mutual recovery intervention on mental health in depressed elderly community-dwelling adults: a pilot study

Fig. 1

Flowchart of participant’ progress through the trial. The figure shows the study design and procedure. N is the number of communities, and n is the number of residents in the selected communities. Six communities were randomly selected from 24 communities in Pudong District, Shanghai. A depression screening was conducted in 1390 residents at baseline (T1). The intervention group and the wait-list control group were randomized based on the community. The intervention was conducted in the following 2 months after the screening, and 237 individuals participated in the final intervention program, including 105 participants in the intervention group and 132 in the control group. A total of 225 residents completed all the intervention sessions and follow-up survey and entered in the final analysis. The numbers that were lost to follow-up are also shown. Other reasons for loss to follow-up included a lack of time, a lack of confidence in the program, and taking care of a baby

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