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Table 1 Formative qualitative methods to inform cardiovascular risk management integration

From: A PROgramme of Lifestyle Intervention in Families for Cardiovascular risk reduction (PROLIFIC Study): design and rationale of a family based randomized controlled trial in individuals with family history of premature coronary heart disease

Method Participants Number Topics
Focus Groups Individuals with family history of AMI
-Males groups aged 18-40, 40+
-Female groups aged 18-40, 40+
-3 discussions in each gender-age category, (12 total discussions)
-Each focus groups include 6-12 participants
• Family history as a risk factor for future cardiovascular event.
• Perceptions and behaviours regarding other risk factors of CHD
• Suggested intervention components and methods
• Gauge community interest in planned intervention components
  Frontline community health workers -4 focus groups
-Each focus groups include 6-12 participants
• Perceived patient barriers to lifestyle change, and an integrated cardiovascular risk reduction initiative
• Gauge feasibility of planned intervention components