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Table 1 Intervention strategies and references

From: Using nudging and social marketing techniques to create healthy worksite cafeterias in the Netherlands: intervention development and study design

  Strategie Reference
1 In every product category at least 1 product of better choice is visibly offered. [56]
2 A warm lunch meal is also offered in a smaller portion. [27]
3 Fruit and vegetables are offered. [30]
4 Fruit and vegetables are offered ready to eat (peeled). [57, 58]
5 Water is offered for free. [59]
6a The visible share of healthy (better choice) products is at least 60%. [60]
6b The visible share of healthy (better choice) products is at least 80%. [60]
7a Warm snacksa are offered up to three days a week. [61]
7b Warm snacksa are offered up to one day a week. [61]
8 Salads are offered without dressing and with different vegetables. [48, 62]
9 Healthy products are in the beginning of the route. These products are: salads, fruit & vegetables, bread, bread topping and healthy sandwichesb,c. [46]
10 Of every product group the preferred product or presentation of this product is most visible (at front on eye level). [54, 63]
11 In case of a shelf at the cash desk it is partly filled with fruit & vegetables. Fruit & vegetables are on top or at front. [41]
11a In case of a shelf at the cash desk it is only filled with fruit & vegetables. [41]
12 A relatively cheap combi-deal is offered with milkd/coffee/tea/vegetable juice, sandwichb,c, and fruit with a price comparable with the average price of a sandwich in the same restaurant. [64]
13 Prices of warm snacksa (e.g. chicken nuggets) are 25% increased and prices of healthy sandwichesb, c are 25% decreased. [6567]
14 Within a product category preferred products are 25% lowered in price and exception products are 25% higher in price compared with the normal prices in same restaurant. [6567]
15 There is only promotion of food products in the preferred category (or the Choice criteria for combined meals).  
16 When a healthy product is promoted is has a recognizable, permanent spot in the restaurant.  
17 On the menu, e.g. on displays or intranet the healthy products are named first. [68]
18 On the menu healthy dishes are presented in an attractive way. [69]
19 Healthy products are promoted with temporary campaigns like with a stand.  
  1. aSnacks contain all fried snacks like fries, chicken nuggets, or spring rolls, but also puff pastry snacks like sausage rolls and cheese rolls
  2. b‘Healthy’ sandwiches that meet the criteria of the Choice logo
  3. cThis can also be a salad that meets the criteria of the Choice logo. In collaboration with dietitians of all catering companies a list with products will be formed
  4. dThis can also be buttermilk or a semi-skimmed milk drink without added sugar