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Table 1 Juror characteristics

From: Obtaining consumer perspectives using a citizens’ jury: does the current country of origin labelling in Australia allow for informed food choices?

Jurora Age Sex (M/F) Occupation Australian born (Yes/No) Political preference (Labor/Liberal)
Bruce 72 M Aged Pension No Swinging
Matthew 58 M Retired Yes Liberal
Michelle 48 F Legal secretary No Labor
Emily 36 F Student No Liberal
Aaron 36 M Social worker Yes Labor
Naomi 18 F Check out Yes Liberal
Lloyd 74 M Retired Builder Yes Swinging
Deborah 59 F Author No Labor
Claire 48 F Food & beverage attendant Yes Liberal
Linda 48 F Teacher Yes Greens
Raj 37 M Disability Support Worker No Labor
Petra 34 F Marketing Co-ordinator No Greens
Andrew 31 M Electrician Yes Liberal
William 19 M Unemployed Yes Swinging
  1. ajurors were given pseudonyms