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Table 2 Measurement schedule

From: Study protocol for a non-inferiority trial of a blended smoking cessation treatment versus face-to-face treatment (LiveSmokefree-Study)

Variables Measurement at month
0 3 5 6 9 15
Primary outcome
 Cotinine level   X     X
Secondary outcomes
 Nicotine dependence (Fagerström) X    X X  
 MAP-HSS + smoking related complaints of smokers X    X X X
 Depression, anxiety and stress (DASS21) X    X X X
 Quality of Life (Euroqol 5D) X    X   
 Smoking status X X   X X X
 Adherence       X
 Costs       X
Baseline predictors and moderators of treatment effect
 Internet Skills X      
 Readiness to change X      
 Attitude X    X X  
 Social Influence X      
 Self-Efficacy X    X   
 Alcohol/substance (mis)use X    X   
Descriptive variables
 Patient characteristics and medical history X      
 Smoking history X      
 Stop Smoking History X      
Other information of interest
 Evaluation of treatment   X   X X X
 Exhaled carbon monoxide (CO) level X X X    X