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Table 6 Example of gap analysis and integration of practical strategies into an action plan for employee and mental health

From: Healthy and productive workers: using intervention mapping to design a workplace health promotion and wellness program to improve presenteeism

Opportunity/Objectives What Company is doing today Action Plan due to Study Discussion (yes/no/maybe) and timing
Inform employees at all levels about mental health issues
Explain/de-mystify stigma around mental health
Build confidence to be able to discuss mental health problems
Demonstrate that leadership will be supportive of mental health issues
Educate employees on when to seek help and find resources
Have communications about mental health and EAAP on the Source.
Provide EAAP orientation sessions to managers that includes information about mental health
Have an employee mental health presentation on the Source with a focus on destigmatizing mental health, an overview of mental health definitions and resources available to help them.
Provide manager training sessions on “Managing Absence & Mental Health in the Workplace” to de-stigmatize mental health.
Provide EAAP webinars on managing stress, dealing with anxiety, etc. throughout the year.
Incorporate focus groups as progressive element of “Managing Absence & Mental Health in the Workplace” workshops
Monthly 30–60 min webinar discussion on absence and mental health facilitated by Disability expert with EPC support
Forum would provide participants with opportunity to share ideas, challenges and successes. Objective is to create a network where people feel comfortable talking.
YES: Company Human Resources will be working with a Disability expert to implement one English and one French webinar per month
Pilot will be implemented after March; in-person sessions with pilot webinars taking place in April/May 2013
Provide EAAP magnets to employees through a desk drop so they will know who to seek help from when they need it. Work with the Marketing and Communications team to incorporate themes around mental health into overall communications strategy
Increase awareness, change behaviours and attitudes on mental health by using the Source to tell stories,
YES: Q4 2013: Will incorporate in October Healthy Workplace Month and December Mental Health (EAAP refresher) month
YES: Q1 2013 (ongoing)
  Work with Marketing and Communications team to leverage existing national campaigns, events and themes, and distribute monthly themed articles to get people to have conversations about mental health issues (i.e., National non-Smoking Week in January, Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February)  
  1. EAAP employee and advisor assistance program, EPC employment practice consultant