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Table 3 An example of performance objectives (measures) for the employee (stakeholder) to reduce presenteeism for mental health (health condition)

From: Healthy and productive workers: using intervention mapping to design a workplace health promotion and wellness program to improve presenteeism

1. The employee participates in the de-stigmatizing of mental health disorders
2. The employee learns to openly communicate issues around mental health
3. The employee knows when to seek help for mental health issues
4. The employee seeks out positive relationships with peers and leadership persons
5. The employee knows where to seek out available resources about mental health
6. The employee participates in social networks and minimizes isolation
7. The employee avoids gossip and other negative behaviours
8. The employee is compliant with medication/counselling/support
9. The employee discusses with his/her manager any limitations because of mental health issues
10. The employee engages in healthy behaviours such as, 30 min of exercise per day, adequate sleep, follows a healthy diet, avoids tobacco and minimizes alcohol
11. The employee engages in stress/time management and work/life balance