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Table 1 Job titles of interviews and discussion group participants

From: Healthy and productive workers: using intervention mapping to design a workplace health promotion and wellness program to improve presenteeism

Discussion Groups Participants (N = 37)
Top executives
 Human Resources Director - Benefits
 Assistant Vice President – Total Benefits
 Assistant Vice President – Group Benefits
 Human Resources Director – Business
Middle management
 Manager Disability Benefits
 Manager Human Resources (n = 3)
 Contract Writer - Benefits
 Account Executive - Business
 Account Executive (n = 2)
 Research Specialists (n = 2)
 Employment Practices Consultant
 Coordinator for Strategic Projects
 Senior Medical Benefits Analyst
 Auditor Benefits Payments
 Manager of Strategic Projects
Frontline consultants
 Health Management Consultant
 Group Disability Consultants (n = 3)
 Claims Consultants (n = 3)
 Group Retirement Benefits Consultants (n = 2)
 Disability Consultants – Benefits (n = 3)
 Disability Consultants (n = 3)
 Medical and Dental Claims Consultants (n = 3)
Interviews N = 4
 Human Resources Director - Benefits
 Supervisor, Claims benefits
 Benefits Manager
 Claims Consultant