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Table 2 Theme-count table

From: Integrated agriculture programs to address malnutrition in northern Malawi

Basic themes identified Organizing themes Frequency in transcripts Participants who mentioned theme (n = 67)
1. Appropriate gender roles for women and men
2. Tamed husbands
3. Love potion
4. Community disapproval of certain gender roles
• Social constructions of appropriate gender roles in child care 126 times 57 (85%)
1. Women’s enhanced control over resources
2. Improved understanding of gender relations
• Improved intra-household gender relations 103 times 53 (79%)
1. Increased legume consumption and dietary diversity
2. Improved knowledge about nutrition
3. The frequency of feeding different food groups
• Improved child care and feeding practices 134 times 61 (91%)
1. Co-learning involving all partners
2. A sense of local ownership of project
3. Intergenerational transfer of knowledge on local foods
• Community involvement and ownership of nutritional interventions 97 times 49 (73%)
  1. Note: Basic themes are listed in a descending order of frequency of occurrence in the transcripts
  2. Data Source: Table prepared following qualitative data analytical steps suggested by Baxter and Eyles [65], and Miles et al. [63]