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Table 1 Overview of study participants and data collection

From: Social norms and family planning decisions in South Sudan

Method Profiles of study participants Number of activities (number of participants)
FGD Community members: Female 18–35 years (Not in uniona) 1 (8)
Community members: Female 18–35 years (In union) 1 (8)
Community members: Male above 35 years 1 (8)
Community members: Male 18–35 years 1 (8)
Health workers 1 (6)
SSI Community member: Female 18–35 years (Not in union) 5
Community member: Female 18–35 years (In union) 6
Community member: Male 18–35 years 6
Community member: Female above 35 years 6
Community member: Male above 35 years 4
SSI with Key Informants Traditional birth attendants 4
Traditional leaders 3
Health facility personnel 5
State SRH managers 2
NGO representatives 3
  1. aParticipants were either In Union or Not In Union at the time of the study; we articulate relationship status this way because in WBeG, one would publicly state one’s status as married only if the relationship was formalised either in a traditional ceremony, or in the church. However, for the sake of convenience we use the terms married/unmarried in the paper