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Table 1 Concepts and collected data

From: Assessment of work-related asthma prevalence, control and severity: protocol of a field study

Concepts Collected data
behavior tobacco status
atopy skin prick tests or serological specific IgE to common allergens
OCCUPATIONAL DETERMINANTS occupational exposures occupational history occupational exposures to sensitizers and irritants (task based questionnaire)
occupational sensitization SPT, specific IgE, Specific Inhalation Challenge to occupational allergens
ACTIVE ASTHMA: WEA, OA, NWRA control clinical control: score of the Asthma Control Test questionnaire
respiratory functional control: PEF daily variation
severity if well-controlled asthma GINA’s steps of treatment
CLINICAL CONSEQUENCES quality of life Asthma Quality of Life questionnaire score
ECONOMICAL CONSEQUENCES consumption due to asthma medical care consumption and improvements in the housing environment
loss of gain due to asthma job changes, workshift changes, sick leaves
direct intangible costs phone interview – scenario