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Table 2 Summary of identified themes and sub-themes mapped to theoretical constructs

From: A qualitative study of user perceptions of mobile health apps

Theme/Subthemes Construct in theories
Factors hindering health app use
 Low awareness of health apps N/A
 Lack of need for health apps Performance expectancya; perceived usefulnessb; perceived behavioral controlc; compatibilityd; outcome expectationse
 Lack of app literacy Facilitating conditionsa; perceived ease of useb; ease of usec
 Cost Price valuea
 Lack of time (and effort) Effort expectancya
 Lack of motivation and discipline  
Factors driving health app use
 Social competition Social influencea descriptive normsb,c,d subjective normsb,c,d; visibilitye
 Intangible rewards Self-reactancef
 Tangible rewards Self-reactancef
 Hedonic factor Hedonic motivationa
 Internal dedication and motivation N/A
 Information and personalized guidance Modelingf; Tailoringg
 Tracking for awareness and progress Self-observationf. self-regulationh
 Credibility N/A
 Goal setting Goal setting theoryi
 Reminder Cues to actionj
 Sharing personalized information N/A
  1. aExtended Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology [20]
  2. bTechnology Acceptance Model [31]
  3. cTheory of Reasoned Action [32]
  4. dTheory of Planned Behavior [33]
  5. eInnovation Diffusion Theory [34]
  6. fSocial Cognitive Theory [21]
  7. gTailoring [28, 29]
  8. hSelf-Regulation Theory [35]
  9. iGoal Setting Theory [36]
  10. jHealth Belief Model [37]