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Table 5 Facilitators and challenges to provision of alcohol SBI services

From: ‘Making the invisible visible’ through alcohol screening and brief intervention in community pharmacies: an Australian feasibility study

 Straight-forward tool “.... being a really straight forward screening test works really well”. (P9)
 Flexible approach “… we just leave the questionnaire there for the customers to do it, what I found worked was I would have a generalised chat with the customers and then I would tick them off as they’re talking,...”. (P5)
 Time “… if there were any challenges it would be time because if we have many customers then it’s a bit tricky”. (P9)
“Time management would be the main barrier mainly”. (P1)
 Privacy “… maintaining that level of privacy while you’re discussing very personal questions, that was probably a big challenge”. (P5)
“… some of the customers might think that we are actually invading their privacy if we ask too much about alcohol drinking so we try to maintain and retain the relationship with the customers”. (P6)