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Table 3 Factors by clusters included in the quadrant IV of Go-Zones (youth, adults, and older adults)

From: Using concept mapping in the development of the EU-PAD framework (EUropean-Physical Activity Determinants across the life course): a DEDIPAC-study

Cluster Factor Number and Statement
Intra-Personal Context and Wellbeing 3 Actual Body Mass Index
4 Actual PA Level
10 Beliefs/Values
23 Emotions
27 Feeling of Inadequacy (Too Clumsy/Too Old)/Teasing
38 Health Status
41 Intentions/Attitudes
65 Perceived Barriers
66 Perceived Benefits of PA
71 Personal Goals/Outcome Expectancies/Atchievement Orientation/Motivation
73 Physical fitness levels (Strength, Endurance, Coordination, Agility, Flexibility)
85 Self PA Monitoring
86 Self Perceptions (Awareness, Confidence, Efficacy, Body Image, PA Level)
Family and Socio-Economic Status 81 Rewards (Encouragement/Support)
Policy and Provision 9 Availability/Access/Proximity of PA Organized Sport Facilities Tools
37 Health Education
60 PA Programs in School/Office/Community
61 PA Programs/Plans
97 Sports Facilities
Cultural Context and Media 35 Group Activity (Outdoor/Indoor)
105 Tv Exposure
Social Support and Modelling 34 Group (Family Peers Partner) PA Behaviours
36 Group Health Habits
99 Support of Family/Peers/Partner
Supportive Environment 43 Involvement in Organized Sport