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Table 1 Concept mapping stages, content, time frame and characteristics of participants

From: Using concept mapping in the development of the EU-PAD framework (EUropean-Physical Activity Determinants across the life course): a DEDIPAC-study

Stage Content Time Frame Participants
Preparation Terminology, Protocol and Inclusion Criteria of Experts December 2013-December 2014 DEDIPAC-KH Research Team
Generation of Statements Maps (brainstorming): 183 Factors January-June 2015
Factors Sorting: 106 Factors
Pilot Sorting and Rating
Identification and Recruitment of EU Experts
Structuring Sorting and Rating of Factors July-September 2015 EU Experts
Analysis and Interpretation Preliminary Analysis and Interpretation (Delphi) October-December 2015 DEDIPAC-KH Research Team
Final Consensus EU Experts