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Table 4 Alternative healing methods for tuberculosis in Urban Zambia assessed both during researcher-administered structured interviews, in-depth interviews with TB patients, traditional and faith healers, and FGDs at Kanyama clinic

From: Tuberculosis patients’ pre-hospital delay and non-compliance with a longstanding DOT programme: a mixed methods study in urban Zambia

Healing methods Medication or practices
Self-medication - herbal Lemons, ginger, garlic, beetroot, leaves of: the banana plant, the Moringa, Nim, Blue Gum eucalyptus, guava, or mango tree, aloe Vera
Self-medication - Katemba / markets Panadol, cough syrup, Chinese medicine, Back-to-Eden-herbs
Faith healing Prayer, deliverance (exorcism of evil spirit), fasting and praying on a sacred mountain, holy water and/or anointed oil, Back-to-Eden-herbs, faith
Traditional healing - herbal Traditional herbs, such as Nkonka, Muleza (also named Kankalamba or Munsokansoka), Mutato (herbal energy booster)
Traditional healing - spiritual Witchcraft (mfuiti), consulting the spirits/ancestors, sacrificing small animals