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Table 4 Nurse designations

From: Lessons learned from the PMTCT program in Swaziland: challenges with accepting lifelong ART for pregnant and lactating women – a qualitative study

Nurse designation (lowest to highest ranking position) Role of nurse
Nursing Assistant This level nurse as depicted by the title assists the higher level nurses. They have very limited duties such as providing childhood immunization; dispensary and they are not allowed to prescribe.
State registered Nurse (Staff nurse/General nurse) This level nurse does everything the midwives do except that they do not conduct ANC, maternity/delivery services.
Nurse midwife This level nurse performs ANC services, delivery, post-natal care, and other services related to maternal child health and curative services. They are usually the nurse-in-charge/senior nurse of the facility when there are no doctors present.
Senior nurse This is more of the role than qualification. This person is usually the most senior midwife at the facility where there are multiple individuals with the same qualification In most cases, this person is the nurse-in charge and also oversee the day-to-day running of the facility just like the nurse-in charge or in the absence of a nurse-in charge.
Nurse-in charge (Sister) This is the person in charge of the local health facility. They oversee the day-to-day running of the facility just like the senior nurse.