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Table 1 Session topics in family-based behavioral facilitation treatment (FBSFT)

From: Study Protocol: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the effect of family-based behavioral treatment of childhood and adolescent obesity–The FABO-study

Phase Session FBSFT Topic
1. Individual and Home Contex 1-2 Introduction to the treatment; plan for the Traffic Light Diet; personalized treatment plan
3 Healthy and regular eating, communicating with the family about lifestyle changes
4 Sedentary activity; sleep routines
5 Physical activity; lifestyle activity
6 Creating a healthy family and home environment; problem solving skills
7 Healthy self-instructions; emotions/stress and eating behavior
2. Peer Contex 8 Peers as a support for healthy behaviors (arranging healthy activities with others); assessment of social network
9 High risk situations (parties, holidays and vacations); prompts for eating and physical activity
10 A healthy peer environment; communicating with peers about new and healthy habits
11 Taking on Teasing
3. Community Contex 12 Physical activity and the assessment of RED food in the environment/neighborhood
13 To be active in your neighborhood; join groups or teams; to elicit support for healthy habits in your neighborhood/environment
14 To fight weight stigmatization; influences from the media; to build a positive self-image and body image
15 High risk situations (restaurants and fast food); to focus on healthy habits at school and work
4. Cross-contextual 16 To plan for healthy habits; relapse prevention and consolidating skills across different contexts
17 Reviewing goals and skills; ending well; planning ahead