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Table 2 Example of analysis process

From: “Experiences with disclosure of HIV-positive status to the infected child”: Perspectives of healthcare providers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Meaning unit in the interview text Condensed meaning unit Code
There are challenges, there was one I wanted to disclose but the grandmother refused completely, she said her mother committed suicide the moment she knew her status, and when the father knew about the condition of the wife he ran away and until today he does not know how the child lives. I am also scared to tell the child because the child once told me that if my mother died, I will also die. So she is afraid to tell the child because the child might commit suicide as well, and the child has grown up Fear of the child’s reaction after disclosure Fear to disclose to the child, Fear of death, Uncertainty about HIV status disclosure, Uncertainty about child’s reaction
The training should teach about techniques to be used with children of different ages, also we should understand who is supposed to disclose to a child is it me or the parent? Because at other times we are told that a mother should start and then we should finish up, so maybe there is a mistake I do not know. At other times when you disclose directly to the child may be it is a mistake or maybe it is good, so I am kind of uncertain, is it I who should disclose or the mother Lack of understanding about sequence of disclosing the HIV information to children and caregivers, Confusion about disclosure process