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Table 1 Sample interview questions

From: “Experiences with disclosure of HIV-positive status to the infected child”: Perspectives of healthcare providers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

1. Tell me your experience with disclosure of child’s HIV positive status to the infected child.
a. How often do you do that?
b. How old was the child/children?
c. What made you disclose the child’s HIV positive status to the infected child?
d. How do you conduct paediatric HIV disclosure?
e. What challenges do you encounter during the process of paediatric HIV disclosure?
f. What things or issues have ever made you fail to disclose to a HIV positive child about his/her status of being HIV infected?
g. What did/do you fear most about paediatric HIV disclosure?
h. How can these challenges be addressed?
2. Tell me your experience with paediatric HIV disclosure training the last time you attended it
a. How many days was it?
b. What did you learn?
c. Were you satisfied with knowledge and skills you got from the training? If not how would you like the paediatric HIV disclosure training to be conducted so you can be satisfied?