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Table 3 Reasons given for not using the peer support service among intervention school respondents

From: A pilot cluster randomised controlled trial of a support and training intervention to improve the mental health of secondary school teachers and students – the WISE (Wellbeing in Secondary Education) study

Reason Responsesa N (%)
Did not need to 96 (32.1)
Prefer to talk to other colleagues/work friends 59 (19.7)
Lack of knowledge about it 56 (18.7)
Wouldn’t approach those particular people 16 (5.4)
Concerns about confidentiality 14 (4.7)
Didn’t think it would help/they are not professionals 13 (4.3)
Not enough time at work/chosen supporter not available 12 (4.0)
Access support outside of school 10 (3.3)
Reluctant to discuss issues at work, concerns about being judged 8 (2.7)
Felt uncomfortable approaching them 5 (1.7)
Other 10 (3.3)
  1. aWhere individuals gave more than one reason, all reasons were counted separately