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Table 2 Examples of questions used in each focus group discussion

From: Perceived effective and feasible strategies to promote healthy eating in young children: focus groups with parents, family child care providers and daycare assistants

Domain Questions
State of affairs
 Before the meal -Tell me something about the menu. Who chooses the menu? What’s on the menu?
-Tell me something about the preparation of the food. Who prepares the food? Where and how is it prepared?
 During the meal -What is the atmosphere like during the meal? Is it noisy? How many children sit at the table?
-How is the food presented? How is the food offered?
-Can you describe a typical meal? What is the policy concerning eating?
Strategies What, do you think, causes a child to enjoy eating, to be curious about food, to be willing to taste?
  1. Note. Given the different role of the caregivers in the lives of the children, some questions were adapted and specifically tailored to the type of caregiver (i.e. parents, family child care providers and daycare assistants)